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FREE Personal Chiropractic Consultation

If you’ve been looking for a chiropractor in Nashville, we’re making it easy to get in with the best! Schedule now and Dr. Scott Foote will give you a free, no-obligation consultation. Through the process, Dr. Foote will help you go through your symptoms, history, family history and more to properly and accurately diagnose your issue. At the end of the consultation, you are free to walk out with this valuable information and there is absolutely zero obligation or pressure to do any type of chiropractic therapy that day or in the future.

However, for those of you that do want to try chiropractic, you can take advantage of our exclusive offer of your 1st adjustment and 1st therapy (massage or other) for just $95!

So what do you have to lose? Call Dr. Foote at (615) 920-5869 or sign up below and set up your no obligation consultation today!

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Meet Dr. Scott Foote

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Dr. Scott A. Foote is originally from Hattiesburg, MS. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness as well as his Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.) from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, TX. Dr. Foote works heavily with sports chiropractic and was hand-picked to work with the COLDEPORTES Olympic team in Bogota, Colombia. He is also the current chiropractor for the Vanderbilt football team.

On a personal note, Dr. Foote is passionate about his religion, family and chiropractic! Dr. Foote loves camping and the great outdoors and gets away as often as he can. He also loves almost anything sports related, having played center for his high school and collegiate football team.  He is also extremely passionate when it comes to his family. Dr. Foote has been married to his amazing, beautiful wife Jami for 12 years and they have 4 children, Xander who is 8 years old, Maggie who is 6, Stella who is 3, and finally big Gus who is 1!



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Chiropractic Coupon Nashville, TN

Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center


Are you considering visiting a chiropractor in the Nashville, TN area? Maybe you developed an overuse injury by playing sports or you are experiencing pain from a different cause. At Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center, we are offering a chiropractic care special for Nashville, TN residents to start with chiropractic care.

If you are new to our office, contact us to use our specials toward your initial consultation with our chiropractor and toward your first treatment session. Call or sign up through our website today!


Quickly and Easily Start With Chiropractic

Our goal with our chiropractor discount for Nashville, TN new patients is to help local residents get started with chiropractic care without the complications that might hold them back from receiving the care they need.

We have two offers available to new patients. Take advantage of our:

1. Free Consultation: First, we offer a completely free consultation for all new patients. Our chiropractor, Dr. Foote, will evaluate your medical history, symptoms and other factors to diagnose the root of your pain or other health problem.

Dr. Foote will use this evaluation to come up with a treatment plan for you. Once you are armed with this information, you can decide whether to continue with chiropractic treatment or not. You have no obligation to continue and this initial evaluation is 100 percent free.

2. Discounted First Treatment: Second, if you would like to continue with your chiropractic treatment after your consultation, we also provide a deal on your first treatment visit. This discount includes one chiropractic adjustment and one other therapy, such as massage therapy, for only $95 in all.

In addition, we accept most insurance plans, so you might be able to get an even better deal on your chiropractic care. Just let us know your plan information and we will help you figure out if it covers chiropractic.


Value for Your Money

At Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center, you don’t just get a great deal on chiropractic care. You also get lasting pain relief and improved wellness from an experienced chiropractor. We focus on natural healing techniques like the Thompson Drop, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy and more. We can teach you more about our treatment options during your first visit.

We specialize in sports chiropractic, although we can also provide general chiropractic services to promote overall wellness or to focus on certain health problems. Dr. Foote has knowledge and credentials in chiropractic as a whole and in the sports chiropractic specialty. He has even performed chiropractic on professional sports teams.


How Do I Use My Chiropractor Coupon for Nashville, TN?

To get your absolutely free consultation, all you need to do is make your first appointment with us. Sign up through our website or call our friendly staff and mention that you saw the free consultation offer on our website.

After your initial consultation, let us know if you would like to continue with chiropractic care treatments and mention our $95 deal, so we can apply this discount to your first treatment session.


Use Your Offers Right Away!

If you are ready to improve a sports injury and get back out there, come to Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center. We’ll get you back in the game! We can also help if you have non-sports-related back pain, neck pain and other types of pain.

We want to make it easier for you to get started with chiropractic care, so don’t forget to mention our special offers when you call. Call us today at (615) 920-5869 or sign up on our website to get your free initial consultation.