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When you’re not feeling so well, you go see a doctor. But sometimes, a general doctor or even a specialist can’t do much for you. This is often the case when it comes to pain, a lack of energy and some other types of symptoms. If you’re experiencing back or neck pain, most doctors will offer pain medications and steroid injections, which only help the symptom temporarily and don’t treat the underlying problem, plus they come with side effects. If the pain doesn’t go away, the doctor is likely to recommend surgery, which often results in numerous surgeries.

If you’re not liking these options – we don’t blame you – consider visiting a doctor of chiropractic in Green Hills instead. This type of doctor is not a witch doctor or faith healer, but is a specialist who has gone through extensive schooling. Nonetheless, chiropractic care can offer alternatives that are more natural than regular medical care, and that target the root of the problem. Keep reading to discover more about chiropractic, or contact us to make an appointment at Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center for chiropractic care in Green Hills, Nashville. We specialize in general chiropractic and sports chiropractic techniques. You can reach us through our website or by calling (615) 920-5869.

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leslie-lane-green-hills-chiropractor-testimonialWhat Does Chiropractic Care Treat?

A chiropractor in Green Hills can provide you with general wellness, so you feel healthier and happier overall. He can do this by aligning your spine, which helps the nervous system and other systems within the body work effectively, helping your body run at its best and encouraging it to heal itself. Therefore, you don’t have to have a diagnosis of a health condition for chiropractic care to benefit your health and wellness.

Nonetheless, chiropractic has proven itself effective at treating or managing a number of health conditions. One of the main problems chiropractic treats is pain, whether you’re feeling it in your back or other parts of your body, and whether it’s chronic or acute pain. In addition, you can see a chiropractor for headaches, arthritis, injuries and other problems. Let our Nashville chiropractor know your diagnosis or symptoms, and he can discuss whether chiropractic alone or along with another medical specialty could be the right option for your situation.


Sports Chiropractic Specialization

Unlike many other chiropractic offices in the area, Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center is specialized in sports chiropractic care. Our Green Hills chiropractor, Dr. Scott Foote, has certification as a Chiropractic Sports Physician along with being a general chiropractor. He is also certified in applying Kinesiotape, which helps with circulation and healing if you have an injury.

Sports chiropractic focuses on the injuries that inevitably occur with continuous exercise or sports practice. Maybe you like to run, you play tennis or you’re part of a community baseball team. If your exercise or sport has resulted in tendonitis, tennis elbow or some other type of acute or overuse injury, we can help.


How Can a Green Hills Chiropractor Help Me?

Whether you have an injury or health condition, or you just want to improve your wellness, chiropractic offers techniques that can help your situation. Our Nashville chiropractor, Dr. Foote, performs the Thompson Drop method of adjusting your spine through the use of a specialty table. He also performs spinal decompression therapy, which also uses a specialty table for aligning your spine, and trigger point therapy, which focuses on points in your body causing you pain. Our office also offers treatment methods that go beyond specific chiropractic techniques. Our services include massage therapy, rehabilitation therapy and nutrition counseling. We will tailor the types of techniques we use to your specific health problems and goals, as well as how you feel about each one.


Can I Use My Health Insurance?

Many people wonder if their health insurance plan will accept chiropractic care, since it’s a specialty that’s outside main types of health care. Nonetheless, chiropractic care has become an accepted medical technique over time, and many health insurance plans now cover these sessions. At Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center, we accept most types of health insurance. Nonetheless, let us know your insurance information when you call to make your first appointment so we can double check that it’s a type we accept. If it turns out that you can’t use your insurance or you’re not insured, ask our office staff about our “time of service” discount.


What to Expect From Your Visit to Our Chiropractic Clinic in Green Hills

At our Green Hills chiropractic care facility, we try to make you part of our Southern family whenever you come for a visit. Our Green Hills chiropractor, Dr. Scott Foote, brings his friendliness and casual personality to every appointment you have with us, making you feel at ease. He also shares his knowledge to improve your health and that of the community around him.

In addition to his sports chiropractic certifications, Dr. Foote completed his doctor of chiropractic education with Parker College of Chiropractic. He has also completed advanced spine and extremity adjustment training, so he has the specialty knowledge and skills to treat you for a variety of conditions and improve your overall health.


Call to Make Your First Appointment With a Green Hills Chiropractor

If you’ve recently been injured, you’re experiencing chronic pain or you are looking to improve your overall wellness, try chiropractic care as a natural solution that causes real results. When you come for your first appointment, our experienced Green Hills chiropractor will give you an evaluation and learn more about your health problems and goals. He can then work with you to come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to you. Are you ready to give chiropractic care a try? Make your appointment today at our Green Hills chiropractic clinic by calling us at (615) 920-5869 or by filling out the contact form on our website.