Cross Training Injuries in Nashville, TN

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Cross Training includes aggressive movements that can result in a sports injury. If you find yourself with a Cross Training shoulder injury or an injury to another part of your body, you will need to see a physician to ensure that your body heals correctly and to help you get back to working out.

While you might automatically choose a regular doctor or a physical therapist, a doctor of chiropractic is another choice to consider. For a Nashville chiropractor who specializes in sports, come to Nashville Spine and Sport. To make an appointment for your initial consultation, give us a ring at (615) 920-5869. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the road to recovery.

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Cross Training Injury in Nashville

In general, exercise can lead to injury from overworking a part of your body or from an accident while exercising. However, Cross Training is even more ripe for injury than many other forms of exercise — it’s more in line with other high-intensity sports. This is because it provides a high-impact workout that pushes the body to extremes. It also encourages heavy competition, so it can be easy for someone to take the workout too far.

An article in Men’s Journal explains that numerous studies have begun to show Cross Training’s potential for injury. One study found that 51 percent of the 737 participants suffered an injury in the past year from Cross Training. A Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study estimated that Cross Training participants experience 3.1 injuries per every 1,000 sessions, which is a high rate comparable to marathon training or weightlifting for a competition.

You run the risk of experiencing a Cross Training back injury, shoulder injury or knee injury from Cross Training sessions. Even though chiropractic is traditionally associated with the back, we can provide treatment for much more than a Cross Training spine injury to help problems across the whole body.


Your Local Cross Training Injury Specialist in Nashville

Come to Nashville Spine and Sport when you are looking for help recovering from an injury, such as a Cross Training muscle injury, in Nashville. In our comforting and welcoming environment, we make the treatment process as painless as possible. Our clinic specializes in sports chiropractic, so you’ve come to the right place.

Our Nashville chiropractor is Dr. Foote. Along with general chiropractic credentials, he is trained as a Chiropractic Sports Physician. This makes him an expert on sports injuries of all kinds, so he can handle an injury caused by Cross Training sessions. Dr. Foote’s sports experience includes working with the Olympic team in Columbia and the football team of Vanderbilt University.

Depending on the type of injury you have, Dr. Foote might recommend different treatment options. He will create a plan just for you that can use a combination of various techniques. These all-natural techniques in your treatment plan could include adjustments, massage, physical therapy and spinal decompression. You might also receive Kinesiotape or the Graston technique for your soft tissue, both of which Dr. Foote is certified in. Come in for an evaluation to learn more about your treatment options.


Don’t Lose Workout Time

Whether you have decided to give up Cross Training or you plan to get back to it as soon as you heal, your goal is to get back to working out in some form. At Nashville Spine and Sport, we want to help you reach that goal through specialized chiropractic treatment. Find Cross Training pain relief in Nashville by setting up your first appointment. All you have to do is call our office at (615) 920-5869.