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When area residents start a search for Nashville chiropractor reviews, they are trying to find the best chiropractor in the Nashville area. Is this what you’re after? One of the ways to choose a chiropractor is to look at the chiropractic clinic reviews for that Nashville site.

At Nashville Spine & Sport, we think the reviews our clients have left us tell it all. You can learn about real clients’ experiences by reading their reviews. This will give you an idea of what your experience would be like if you choose to come to us for your back pain, sports injury or other concern.

Over all, our clients let us know that they love the service they receive from our professional (and friendly!) chiropractor, Dr. Foote. He puts them at ease while making them feel better through his top-notch skills and experience. Plus, our clients get a personalized experience at our office with the best natural solutions that fit each person’s needs. This is what you can expect during your first appointment — simply call (615) 920-5869 to set it up!

Read more of Nashville Spine and Sport Chiropractic Center’s Google Reviews


A Top-Notch Client Experience

So what is it that gives you a great experience at a chiropractic office? Above all, you want a place that can help you feel better. Maybe you’re looking to boost your energy levels, achieve your best performance for sports or find a solution for your constant back pain. Whatever the case, we have natural techniques that provide real results for our clients — and for you! We will come up with a tailored approach for you that can include chiropractic techniques, massage, physical therapy and other treatment methods.

But in the end, we know it’s hard to listen to a business itself and believe in what it says it offers. There’s no better way to learn about the experience you can expect from us than to read Nashville chiropractor reviews from real people who have used the service. Our clients have shared positive feedback with us time and again, and we’re confident that you will enjoy the same benefits from a visit to our office.

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Acupuncture Testimonial From Tim Drake

A Personalized Touch From a Skilled Professional

And of course, you’re looking for a top-of-the-line chiropractor. At Nashville Spine & Sport, you’ll get the personal attention of Dr. Foote. This all-around chiropractor handles the chiropractic basics, such as back pain, plus he specializes in sports chiropractic care. Whether you casually play some golf or you’re a serious athlete, he’ll help you stay in your best shape or recover from an injury.

You also need someone who cares about you and provides a quality experience during every visit. Our clients will tell you that you can get that from our Nashville chiropractor. Dr. Foote provides a personal touch to make you feel at home and like one of our “family.” You won’t be passed off to someone else – you will always see Dr. Foote himself. And he won’t shoo you out as soon as you walk through the door – he takes the time that every person needs for the best results from each visit.

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Short-Term and Ongoing Visits

Many of our clients have been showing their confidence in Dr. Foote as their trusted Nashville chiropractor by returning to our office for years. But that doesn’t mean we make it our goal to keep you coming to our office forever like many chiropractors do. Instead, our aim is to get you well so you don’t have to keep coming to us. Nonetheless, if chiropractic helps with your wellness goals or you experience a new injury or pain, we’re always happy to have you come back to us when needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

When comparing Nashville chiropractors, it’s important to choose one with the proper credentials, as well as expert skills and experience. You want someone with the expertise to fit your health concerns and goals, and someone who will work with you to create a custom approach. Also, choose an office that provides a positive patient experience. Researching the chiropractor’s website and reading chiropractor reviews for Nashville will give you the information you need to make your decision.

Please feel free to click on the various tabs of our website and to read our patients’ reviews to learn more about the services and patient experience we offer.


What Is the Cost of Chiropractic Care?

There are many ways we make our services affordable at Nashville Spine & Sport. First, we are able to accept most insurance plans, which often cover chiropractic services. We also make the first consultation visit with us absolutely free! If you decide to move forward with chiropractic treatments, we also offer a special on your first session with us and time of service discounts for those who aren’t able to use insurance.

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Interested in Learning More or Trying Chiropractic?

After you’ve learned more about Nashville Spine & Sport and how our patients feel about us, we welcome you to continue reading throughout our website and to ask us any questions you may have. You can also go ahead and make a consultation appointment, where we will discuss your personal case and what kind of tailored approach we would use to help you achieve your health goals. Make your appointment today — simply call us at (615) 920-5869.