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It’s no surprise if you tend to experience a headache or migraine in Nashville, TN. That’s because headaches are very common throughout the world, so you can expect many people to get them within your local city. But even though it’s common to get a headache, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Chiropractic care can provide you with headache and migraine relief in Nashville, TN, preventing headaches before they even begin or treating them if you deal with chronic headaches.

When you’re ready to try a natural treatment that provides real and lasting headache or migraine pain relief, call us at Nashville Spine and Sport to make your first appointment. The number to call is (615) 920-5869. We’ll determine the cause of your headache pain and come up with a treatment plan just for you.

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Headache Types

There are a variety of headache types that you can experience. The main ones include tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraine headaches. Here is some more information on each main type of headache:

  • Tension-type headaches come on with episodes of pain and pressure. You will generally feel the pain around your forehead and temples. This type of headache usually doesn’t stick around for too long.
  • Migraines are intense headaches that you usually feel on one side of your head. Along with pain, you might go through sensory symptoms, such as being overwhelmed by light or sounds. You can also feel nausea and other symptoms. Unfortunately, migraines are a chronic problem that comes back every so often for a few hours or days, depending on the person and each episode.
  • Cluster headaches are less common than the other types, but they exhibit themselves in the form of pain around one eye that is very intense. These headaches come on for clusters of time that can last for weeks or months, depending on the episode and the person.

When you come to Nashville Spine and Sport for your initial appointment, our headache and migraine expert, Dr. Foote, will focus on the cause of your headaches. From there, he can come up with a treatment plan of natural chiropractic techniques that can target the root cause of your headaches and provide you with relief from the pain and other symptoms.


How Can We Help Your Headaches?

At Nashville Spine and Sport, we use chiropractic care to prevent and treat your headaches. This is a natural method for headache pain relief, unlike traditional medical treatments that revolve around pain medication. Chiropractic care works to focus on the real cause of the pain and treat it at its source, whereas pain medication focuses on the symptom of pain and doesn’t really treat the source of the pain. If you want a natural alternative to medication that is really effective for your headaches, try chiropractic care.

Headaches have varying causes, so chiropractic treatments won’t necessarily help every kind. Nonetheless, many people find relief from their headaches with chiropractic care. This is especially the case with ones that start because of muscle tension, neck pain or a misaligned spine. When the spine or the neck vertebrae are not lined up properly, the result can be pressure on the nerves and overworked muscles, which can cause pain throughout the body, including the head. Nonetheless, the cause of the headache does not always start in the spine — it can also happen because of tension or spasms in the muscles from stress, poor posture or other causes. A chiropractor is able to treat these causes of pain to prevent the pain from starting or to relieve it if you are already experiencing the pain.

At Nashville Spine and Sport, our chiropractor and headache specialist, Dr. Foote, can provide Nashville, TN headache relief by performing adjustments to your spine to align the vertebrae and put your body in its natural position for optimum health. He can also provide treatments such as massage to calm your muscles and prevent headaches caused by tense muscles. Some headaches, such as migraines, can be triggered by your diet and environment. For this aspect of headaches, we can provide recommendations for lifestyle changes you can make that might prevent your headaches from coming on in the first place.


What Makes Nashville Spine and Sport Different?

Our chiropractic office is the place to turn to for Nashville, TN headache relief. At Nashville Spine and Sport, you will experience top-notch treatment from our migraine doctor and chiropractor, Dr. Scott Foote. As a doctor of chiropractic, he is qualified to provide your care. In addition, he is a Chiropractic Sports Physician and has additional training and certification in specialties that include Kinesiotape.

Now that you know Dr. Foote has the professional qualifications for the job, get to know him as a friend. This down-to-earth man likes to make your chiropractic appointments fun, so you can enjoy your visit while receiving pain relief at the same time. Dr. Foote also cares about his community, sharing his chiropractic expertise at events, coaching little league and engaging in other community groups and events.

Our office has a specialization in sports, but we also provide general chiropractic services, so we can treat your headache pain and other symptoms. Dr. Foote has extensive knowledge in various chiropractic techniques for a range of injuries and ailments, including headaches and migraines.

Dr. Foote prefers the Thompson Drop adjustment technique, so he will use a special adjustment table during your treatment sessions. He also uses chiropractic technology, including spinal decompression therapy, to improve your health. Dr. Foote will come up with a specialized treatment plan based on his evaluation of your health and your goals, so the types of treatments he uses for you can vary.


Start Your Journey Toward Headache Pain Relief

Your days of endless headaches can be over if you come to our Nashville Spine and Sport chiropractic office to receive our Nashville, TN headache treatments. We provide headache and migraine relief to Nashville, TN residents, along with our additional chiropractic treatments for a variety of ailments. Get started with your initial consultation by calling our office at (615) 920-5869 — you’ll be one step closer to feeling healthy and free of pain.