Neck Pain in Nashville, TN

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Neck pain is, well, a pain in the neck. It can interfere with your life, whether the pain is constant or it comes and goes.

So what can you do about it? Chiropractic is a natural approach to neck pain relief in Nashville TN. Chiropractic is often the solution to neck pain when other treatment methods simply mask the problem by treating the symptoms.

At Nashville Spine & Sport, we go after that pain at its source. Call us at (615) 920-5869 to make your first appointment toward pain relief and wellness.

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What Causes Neck Pain?

Generally, if you have neck pain, it is due to neck muscle pain from a strain or soft tissue pain from a sprain in the tendons or ligaments. Maybe you have poor posture or you overworked your neck in some way.

At Nashville Spine & Sport, we find that whiplash is also a common source of neck pain in Nashville, TN. This can happen from a car accident, a fall or another type of trauma.

Neck pain that just won’t go away can be a result of arthritis in the neck or degenerative disc disease, which is the breaking down of the spinal discs in the neck that happens gradually. With some of these causes, you might experience a stiff neck along with the pain.

When you come in for your first consultation appointment, our doctor of chiropractic will evaluate you to figure out the cause of your neck pain. This will help with your neck pain treatment plan.


What Can a Chiropractor Do for Neck Pain?

Chiropractors don’t only treat back pain. They treat a lot of different kinds of pain and other problems, including your neck pain. Our chiropractor, Dr. Foote, provides chronic neck pain relief to Nashville TN residents, in addition to his other chiropractic services. He provides general chiropractic techniques for cervical neck pain and is also a specialist in sports chiropractic, so he can help if you injured your neck playing sports.

As we said before, chiropractors don’t just focus on the symptoms of a neck problem — they treat the source of that problem. Dr. Foote can provide chiropractic adjustments with the Thompson Drop technique to align your neck into its natural position. This technique utilizes a special chiropractic table for adjustments, and the adjustments will take pressure off your nerves and help your body work better, giving it the conditions it needs to heal itself.

Dr. Foote also might use spinal decompression therapy, trigger point therapy, massage and other treatments for your pain, whether it is moderate or extreme. When you come for your initial appointment, Dr. Foote will come up with a specific treatment plan for you based on the cause of your neck pain and other factors.


Make Your First Appointment Today!

Come to Nashville Spine & Sport when you’re ready for real neck pain relief. We treat sporadic neck pain, neck pain from a specific incident and severe neck pain that stays with you. We want to help you find relief, so we will search for the cause of your neck pain and create an effective treatment plan just for you. Plus, you’ll become part of our Spine & Sport community with our friendly and helpful chiropractor, Dr. Foote.

Don’t suffer through that neck pain any longer. Even if you’ve tried other methods for your pain that haven’t given you lasting relief, don’t give up. Many people find real relief through chiropractic care, so come give it a try. Call (615) 920-5869 to make your first appointment.