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When your back hurts or you want to improve your health, you take a trip to the chiropractor’s office. So why not do the same for your children? Some people think that children shouldn’t receive this type of treatment. But in actuality, chiropractic care is a safe way to treat children of all ages and can be beneficial in giving them a healthy start in life.

At Nashville Spine, Sport and Family Chiropractic Center, we treat children with this natural medical specialty. To see a pediatric chiropractor in Nashville, TN, contact us to set up an appointment. Just call (615) 920-5869. You can make appointments for the whole family!

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Is Chiropractic Safe for Children?

Let’s just get the topic of safety out of the way before we go into more detail on children’s chiropractic care. The American Chiropractic Association states that chiropractic care is very safe for kids. It notes that numerous studies confirm the safety of this treatment practice for children, and that chiropractic techniques have been used on kids throughout the ages.

Your Nashville, TN children chiropractors will focus on being extra gentle with children, just to make sure the process is comfortable and safe. This type of specialty chiropractor understands how to adjust their techniques to fit the specific needs of children. Plus, chiropractic care is safer than ever through new technologies that give treatment options in each situation.

That said, chiropractic care shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for a child’s other doctors, especially if your child has an acute or serious health condition, such as a sore throat or asthma. In these kinds of cases, treatment from a kid’s chiropractor might be able to complement the treatment provided by another health professional.

We’ll answer any questions you might have about chiropractic care for children and its safety when you come in for your initial consultation. Our Nashville, TN infant chiropractor can cover all of the techniques we might use on your child before we get started with any of them.


Your Local Pediatric Chiropractic Clinic

At Nashville Spine, Sport and Family Chiropractic Center, our pediatric chiropractors are here to take care of your little ones. We can treat children of any age, from the first few moments of life to the teenage years. You might wonder why a child would even need chiropractic care. The reason is that the activities and experiences kids go through can throw their backs out of alignment. They might not experience all of the back and neck pain that adults commonly go through, but they still might not be at their optimum level of health.

From the start, traveling through the birth canal can affect a baby’s spine. Over time, the child falls, sits and sleeps in awkward positions, and engages in sports and roughhousing throughout their childhood. All of these activities can move the spine and encourage poor posture. Since the spine is connected to the nervous system, a misaligned spine can interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself. By putting the vertebrae into alignment, the nervous system can be in its best state to create a healthy body. In addition, a child’s early life can affect their later years, so posture and alignment problems can create worse problems later on. Through visits with a certified pediatric chiropractor at our Nashville, TN office, you can prevent these problems and help your child live a healthier life.

If you’re ready to have your child checked out by a kids and baby chiropractor in Nashville, TN, call (615) 920-5869 to set up your appointment.