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Do you feel pain radiating down just one of your legs? Or maybe you have out-of-the-ordinary sensations in one leg and around the hip and buttock, such as tingling, burning or even numbness. These are signs of a condition known as sciatica.

When you are ready for sciatica pain relief in Nashville, TN, come to Nashville Spine, Sport and Family. We provide natural chiropractic solutions that will treat your pain at the root. Even if you have had no luck with other solutions, don’t lose hope, because chiropractic care really works. Call us at (615) 920-5869 to make your initial appointment.

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What Is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain usually happens in just one side of the body because it involves the sciatic nerve, which you have on each side going from your lower back down your legs. Pain can result in this nerve when the nerve becomes pinched.

Even though you feel the pain in your leg, the source of it is generally in your lower back, where a problem with your spine, such as a bulging disc, presses on the sciatic nerve. There are numerous ways sciatica pain can start, including poor posture or an accident that injures your lower back.

Since the problem starts in the back, our Nashville TN sciatica relief focuses on this spinal root of sciatica pain.


How to Relieve Sciatica Pain?

Since sciatica pain and other symptoms involve your back, chiropractors have the specialized expertise to treat the cause of this condition. They provide more effective sciatica pain treatment than most other doctors, who focus on sciatica pain management through medication, steroid injections and other treatments that won’t help the root cause and only offer temporary relief at best.

A specialist in chiropractic care can provide pinched sciatica nerve pain relief. Chiropratic therapy solves the underlying problem that is causing the sciatica pain, so it can help you feel better for a long time to come.

At Nashville Spine, Sport and Family, we will come up with a treatment plan to help your particular situation after we perform an initial assessment on your health and symptoms. Our sciatic nerve doctors of chiropractic, will often use the Thompson Drop chiropractic technique, which uses a special table to perform chiropractic adjustments, and spinal decompression. These are both methods that can take the pressure off the sciatic nerve for lasting relief. Other remedies we might use to help your body heal and feel its best are therapy and massage.



Make Your Appointment for Sciatica Treatment in Nashville, TN

Sciatica pain is something chiropractors can effectively treat, so come straight to us at Nashville Spine, Sport and Family┬áif you’re feeling the symptoms of this condition. To make your appointment for a consultation, call us today at (615) 920-5869. Our helpful office staff will be on the other end of the line, ready to help you get started with the care you need!