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Upper back pain can get in the way of enjoying life and taking care of your responsibilities. And when it becomes a chronic problem, it feels impossible to handle. You might have even gotten to the point where your situation feels hopeless. But please don’t give up – try chiropractic care instead.

Even if you’ve tried a variety of treatments for back pain in Nashville, Tennessee and they haven’t helped your situation, give chiropractic care a chance. We’ve encountered endless people just like you who thought there was no hope, but then they found pain relief through our natural treatment methods.

Come see for yourself how we can help your upper back pain in Nashville, TN at Nashville Spine, Sport and Family. Call (615) 920-5869 to make your first appointment for an initial assessment of your pain and various treatment options.

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NSS-backpain-review-darkWhat Causes Upper Back Pain?

People suffering from upper back pain in Nashville, TN often have it because of a job sitting in front of a computer, which affects their posture. At the same time, these people generally experience shoulder pain and neck pain. Nonetheless, you can also go through upper back pain because of an injury to your upper back area, or by overusing or straining your muscles from sports or other activities. Other options are that you might have a herniated disc, a fracture, a lack of strength in this area that leads to irritation or a health condition such as osteoarthritis. At Nashville Spine, Sport and Family, we treat general causes of upper back pain in Nashville, TN residents, plus we specialize in sports chiropractic care for sports injuries.


Treatments for Back Pain in Nashville, Tennessee

Of course, it’s impossible to cover the exact treatment you could expect for upper back pain until our Nashville, TN upper back pain specialists assess the state of your health and the cause of your back pain, which is something we do during your first appointment. Once we have a better idea of where your pain is stemming from, we can come up with a treatment plan at our chronic upper back pain clinic that could include various techniques.

At Nashville Spine, Sport and Family, our upper back pain doctors will often perform chiropractic adjustments to your spine to ease pain and promote healing. These adjustments fix misalignments in the spine to take pressure off nerves and encourage the body to heal itself. On top of that, we might use spinal decompression, massage, therapy and other techniques to treat the source of your pain. We’ll be sure to talk to you about various treatment options for back pain at our Nashville office before starting with the treatment sessions.


Start Your New Pain-Free Life

We understand that life isn’t the same when you have to face upper back pain every day. You’re probably wondering if the pain will ever end, or if this is just your reality from now on. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Chiropractic care can offer real pain relief – countless people find relief from their pain with chiropractic techniques when other conventional methods only masked the pain for a little while or came with major side effects.

We are experienced in getting to the root of back pain and solving the cause of the pain, so come to Nashville Spine, Sport and Family for the relief you’re yearning for. Get on your way to upper back pain relief in Nashville, TN by calling our upper back pain clinic at (615) 920-5869 to make your first appointment.